Test Result : CoverageDatasetSuite

0 failures (±0)
21 tests (±0)
Took 16 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
approximately collapses coverage records in multiple partitions0.15 secPassed
can read a bed file to coverage0.5 secPassed
can read a bed file with multiple samples to coverage0.35 secPassed
collapses coverage records in one partition0.22 secPassed
copy coverage dataset0.39 secPassed
copy coverage dataset without sequence dictionary0.33 secPassed
copy coverage rdd0.21 secPassed
copy coverage rdd without sequence dictionary0.22 secPassed
correctly filters coverage with predicate0.41 secPassed
correctly flatmaps coverage with aggregated bins0.3 secPassed
correctly flatmaps coverage without aggregated bins0.16 secPassed
correctly saves coverage6.5 secPassed
keeps sample metadata97 msPassed
transform coverage to feature genomic dataset0.6 secPassed
transform coverage to fragment genomic dataset1 secPassed
transform coverage to genotype genomic dataset1.2 secPassed
transform coverage to read genomic dataset1.1 secPassed
transform coverage to slice genomic dataset0.79 secPassed
transform coverage to variant context genomic dataset0.15 secPassed
transform coverage to variant genomic dataset0.88 secPassed
transform dataset via java API0.32 secPassed