1. Update user-configuration.yml (commit: cf79c78) (details)
Commit cf79c7837c57c83c1b99a1dab53fec25deb2069d by noreply
Update user-configuration.yml

Update the remarks of alluxio.user.file.writetype.default

### What changes are proposed in this pull request?

Please outline the changes and how this PR fixes the issue.

### Why are the changes needed?

Please clarify why the changes are needed. For instance,
1. If you propose a new API, clarify the use case for a new API.
2. If you fix a bug, describe the bug.

### Does this PR introduce any user facing changes?

Please list the user-facing changes introduced by your change, including
1. change in user-facing APIs
2. addition or removal of property keys
3. webui

pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#13757
change-id: cid-3bec4cc07ec7ca557942c43e0e096036e6694f23
(commit: cf79c78)
The file was modifieddocs/_data/table/cn/user-configuration.yml (diff)