1. Ignore RelativePath tests in Java 11 (details)
  2. Add a newline in the ozone doc (details)
  3. [DOCFIX] Add Chinese Doc (details)
  4. [DOCFIX] Update Chinese Doc (details)
  5. [DOCFIX] Update Glue User CLI (details)
  6. Remove guice dependency (details)
  7. [DOCFIX] Update docker and k8s page w.r.t. short-circuit ops (details)
  8. [DOCFIX] Remove one of the empty lines at the end of Ozone doc (details)
Commit 94ff3e664a873f6699f80c4a58ebc74de58bf8b6 by noreply
Ignore RelativePath tests in Java 11
Setting user.dir to test relative path no longer works as of Java 11
(See There is not much
value to this test because this ultimately just tests that new
File(Relative Path) is a working behavior.
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11934 change-id:
The file was modifiedtests/src/test/java/alluxio/client/cli/fs/command/ (diff)
The file was modifiedtests/src/test/java/alluxio/client/cli/fs/command/ (diff)
Commit 57092e235dd9d1afaab94f7030234af4425a62f1 by noreply
Add a newline in the ozone doc
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11963 change-id:
The file was modifieddocs/cn/ufs/ (diff)
Commit 478982e560454a993c70358600cfa3ca9c2f1a5c by noreply
[DOCFIX] Add Chinese Doc
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11836 change-id:
The file was addeddocs/cn/core-services/
Commit 0a21e4a2f23a05c51c6ac21ac09ac0187ca83d3c by noreply
[DOCFIX] Update Chinese Doc
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11837 change-id:
The file was modifieddocs/cn/core-services/ (diff)
Commit f3b27ac1bc6471c2b1a21108c30db139886df11d by noreply
[DOCFIX] Update Glue User CLI
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11957 change-id:
The file was modifieddocs/en/operation/ (diff)
Commit 2d37e6a3a6d5bb368d858ee9bf994ca87eb45791 by noreply
Remove guice dependency
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11956 change-id:
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)
The file was modifiedshaded/hadoop/pom.xml (diff)
Commit 13b236706f1513ea2eb8455e8db4b4f245e9fb1b by noreply
[DOCFIX] Update docker and k8s page w.r.t. short-circuit ops
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11967 change-id:
The file was modifieddocs/en/deploy/ (diff)
The file was modifieddocs/en/deploy/ (diff)
Commit fab7784f86710e816509dd92b91aa04eeea4ff38 by noreply
[DOCFIX] Remove one of the empty lines at the end of Ozone doc
Two consecutive empty lines at the end of the Ozone doc, remove one of
pr-link: Alluxio/alluxio#11969 change-id:
The file was modifieddocs/cn/ufs/ (diff)