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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-20341: support BigInt's value does not fit in long value range1 msPassed
SPARK-26038: toScalaBigInt/toJavaBigInteger1 msPassed
accurate precision after multiplication1 msPassed
arithmetic1 msPassed
changePrecision/toPrecision on compact decimal should respect rounding mode6 msPassed
creating decimals4 msPassed
creating decimals with negative scale1 msPassed
double and long values2 msPassed
equals1 msPassed
fix loss of precision/scale when doing division operation0 msPassed
fix non-terminating decimal expansion problem1 msPassed
hash code1 msPassed
isZero1 msPassed
set/setOrNull1 msPassed
small decimals represented as unscaled long14 msPassed