Test Result : ColumnPruningSuite

0 failures (±0)
23 tests (±0)
Took 1.2 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Column pruning for Expand24 msPassed
Column pruning for Project on Sort26 msPassed
Column pruning for ScriptTransformation18 msPassed
Column pruning on Filter51 msPassed
Column pruning on MapPartitions0.21 secPassed
Column pruning on Project57 msPassed
Column pruning on Union16 msPassed
Column pruning on Window in select20 msPassed
Column pruning on Window with selected agg expressions0.26 secPassed
Column pruning on Window with useless aggregate functions58 msPassed
Column pruning on except/intersect/distinct29 msPassed
Eliminate the Project with an empty projectList17 msPassed
Nested column pruning for Generate0.15 secPassed
Remove redundant projects in column pruning rule19 msPassed
SPARK-24696 ColumnPruning rule fails to remove extra Project20 msPassed
column pruning for Project(ne, Limit)21 msPassed
column pruning for group34 msPassed
column pruning for group with alias25 msPassed
output36 msPassed
push down project past sort42 msPassed
push project down into sample25 msPassed
unrequiredChildIndex if possible15 msPassed
unrequiredChildIndex if possible34 msPassed