Test Result : OrcV1QuerySuite

0 failures (±0)
33 tests (±0)
Took 52 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
COMPRESS) when compression is unset0.82 secPassed
Compression options for writing to an ORC file (SNAPPY, ZLIB and NONE)0.82 secPassed
Creating case class RDD table0.39 secPassed
Empty schema does not read data from ORC file2.1 secPassed
Enabling/disabling ignoreCorruptFiles10 secPassed
LZO compression options for writing to an ORC file0.32 secPassed
Read/write All Types0.92 secPassed
Read/write UserDefinedType1 secPassed
Read/write all types with non-primitive type4.2 secPassed
Read/write binary data0.65 secPassed
SPARK-10623 Enable ORC PPD4.5 secPassed
SPARK-14962 Produce correct results on array type with isnotnull1 secPassed
SPARK-15198 Support for pushing down filters for boolean types1 secPassed
SPARK-20728 Make ORCFileFormat configurable between sql/hive and sql/core0.13 secPassed
SPARK-21791 ORC should support column names with dot0.42 secPassed
SPARK-25579 ORC PPD should support column names with dot0.87 secPassed
SPARK-27160 Predicate pushdown correctness on DecimalType for ORC1.8 secPassed
SPARK-5309 strings stored using dictionary compression in orc2.9 secPassed
SPARK-9170: Don't implicitly lowercase of user-provided columns1.3 secPassed
Schema discovery on empty ORC files0.77 secPassed
Simple selection form ORC table2.7 secPassed
Support for pushing down filters for decimal types1.1 secPassed
Support for pushing down filters for timestamp types1 secPassed
appending0.91 secPassed
column nullability and comment - write and then read0.91 secPassed
columns only referenced by pushed down filters should remain1 secPassed
nested data - array of struct0.94 secPassed
nested data - struct with array field0.84 secPassed
overwriting1.3 secPassed
read from multiple orc input paths2.1 secPassed
save and load case class RDD with `None`s as orc0.73 secPassed
self-join1.2 secPassed
simple select queries1.3 secPassed