Test Result : MathFunctionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
40 tests (±0)
Took 25 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
abs1 secPassed
acos0.34 secPassed
asin0.49 secPassed
atan0.44 secPassed
atan21 secPassed
binary log0.25 secPassed
cbrt0.34 secPassed
ceil and ceiling0.47 secPassed
conv0.91 secPassed
cos0.39 secPassed
cosh0.46 secPassed
degrees0.52 secPassed
exp0.96 secPassed
expm10.61 secPassed
factorial0.31 secPassed
floor0.3 secPassed
hex2.9 secPassed
hypot0.65 secPassed
log / ln0.55 secPassed
log100.24 secPassed
log1p0.46 secPassed
log20.43 secPassed
negative86 msPassed
positive0.23 secPassed
pow / power2.9 secPassed
radians0.79 secPassed
rint0.41 secPassed
round/bround1.3 secPassed
round/bround with data frame from a local Seq of Product0.83 secPassed
round/bround with table columns0.66 secPassed
shift left0.31 secPassed
shift right0.54 secPassed
shift right unsigned0.35 secPassed
signum / sign0.39 secPassed
sin0.64 secPassed
sinh0.29 secPassed
sqrt0.43 secPassed
tan0.33 secPassed
tanh0.36 secPassed
unhex0.65 secPassed