Test Result : SQLQuerySuite

0 failures (±0)
185 tests (+2)
Took 2 min 56 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
)0.64 secPassed
Add Parser of SQL COALESCE()0.31 secPassed
Allow only a single WITH clause per query1 msPassed
CREATE TABLE USING should not fail if a same-name temp view exists0.36 secPassed
CTE feature0.38 secPassed
Common subexpression elimination2 secPassed
EXCEPT3.8 secPassed
Eliminate noop ordinal ORDER BY52 msPassed
INTERSECT4.5 secPassed
MINUS4.8 secPassed
Multiple join1 secPassed
Non-deterministic aggregate functions should not be deduplicated0.13 secPassed
RuntimeReplaceable functions should not take extra parameters2 msPassed
SET commands semantics using sql()0.73 secPassed
SET commands with illegal or inappropriate argument26 msPassed
SPARK-10130 type coercion for IF should have children resolved first91 msPassed
SPARK-10215 Div of Decimal returns null0.32 secPassed
SPARK-10389: order by non-attribute grouping expression on Aggregate1.8 secPassed
SPARK-10707: nullability should be correctly propagated through set operations (1)0.35 secPassed
SPARK-10707: nullability should be correctly propagated through set operations (2)0.13 secPassed
SPARK-11111 null-safe join should not use cartesian product0.82 secPassed
SPARK-11226 Skip empty line in json file0.32 secPassed
SPARK-11303: filter should not be pushed down into sample0.79 secPassed
SPARK-12868: Allow adding jars from hdfs2 msPassed
SPARK-13056: Null in map value causes NPE0.17 secPassed
SPARK-14415: All functions should have own descriptions5.3 secPassed
SPARK-15327: fail to compile generated code with complex data structure1 secPassed
SPARK-15752 optimize metadata only query for datasource table4.6 secPassed
SPARK-16644: Aggregate should not put aggregate expressions to constraints0.39 secPassed
SPARK-16674: field names containing dots for both fields and partitioned fields0.59 secPassed
SPARK-16748: SparkExceptions during planning should not wrapped in TreeNodeException0.11 secPassed
SPARK-16975: Column-partition path starting '_' should be handled correctly0.59 secPassed
SPARK-17863: SELECT distinct does not work correctly if order by missing attribute0.68 secPassed
SPARK-18053: ARRAY equality is broken0.63 secPassed
SPARK-19059: read file based table whose name starts with underscore0.5 secPassed
SPARK-19218 SET command should show a result in a sorted order52 msPassed
SPARK-19218 `SET -v` should not fail with null value configuration20 msPassed
SPARK-19334: check code injection is prevented0.16 secPassed
SPARK-19650: An action on a Command should not trigger a Spark job69 msPassed
SPARK-20164: AnalysisException should be tolerant to null query plan0 msPassed
SPARK-2041 column name equals tablename0.1 secPassed
SPARK-21228: InSet incorrect handling of structs0.34 secPassed
SPARK-21247: Allow case-insensitive type equality in Set operation1.5 secPassed
SPARK-21335: support un-aliased subquery0.22 secPassed
SPARK-21652: rule confliction of InferFiltersFromConstraints and ConstantPropagation0.23 secPassed
SPARK-21743: top-most limit should not cause memory leak0.29 secPassed
SPARK-22356: overlapped columns between data and partition schema in data source tables1.3 secPassed
SPARK-23079: constraints should be inferred correctly with aliases0.44 secPassed
SPARK-23281: verify the correctness of sort direction on composite order by clause4.1 secPassed
SPARK-2407 Added Parser of SQL SUBSTR()0.45 secPassed
SPARK-24696 ColumnPruning rule fails to remove extra Project1.9 secPassed
SPARK-24940: coalesce and repartition hint5.5 secPassed
SPARK-25084: 'distribute by' on multiple columns may lead to codegen issue0.38 secPassed
SPARK-25144 'distinct' causes memory leak0.31 secPassed
SPARK-25454: decimal division with negative scale87 msPassed
SPARK-25988: self join with aliases on partitioned tables #10.55 secPassed
SPARK-25988: self join with aliases on partitioned tables #20.21 secPassed
SPARK-26218: Fix the corner case when casting float to Integer25 msPassed
SPARK-26366: verify ReplaceExceptWithFilter4.2 secPassed
SPARK-26402: accessing nested fields with different cases in case insensitive mode0.33 secPassed
SPARK-26709: OptimizeMetadataOnlyQuery does not handle empty records correctly3 secPassed
SPARK-27619: Throw analysis exception when hash and xxhash64 is used on MapType24 msPassed
SPARK-27699 Validate pushed down filters1.1 secPassed
SPARK-28156: self-join should not miss cached view0.89 secPassed
SPARK-29000: arithmetic computation overflow when don't allow decimal precision loss0.34 secPassed
SPARK-29213: FilterExec should not throw NPE0.31 secPassed
SPARK-29239: Subquery should not cause NPE when eliminating subexpression0.3 secPassed
SPARK-29682: Conflicting attributes in Expand are resolved0.62 secPassed
SPARK-29860: Fix dataType mismatch issue for InSubquery2 secPassed
SPARK-30279 Support 32 or more grouping attributes for GROUPING_ID()1.5 secPassed
SPARK-30447: fix constant propagation inside NOT0.12 secPassed
SPARK-30870: Column pruning shouldn't alias a nested column for the whole structure0.34 secPassed
SPARK-30955: Exclude Generate output when aliasing in nested column pruning0.24 secPassed
SPARK-31166: UNION map<null, null> and other maps should not fail0.3 secPassed
SPARK-31242: clone SparkSession should respect sessionInitWithConfigDefaults1 msPassed
SPARK-31594: Do not display the seed of rand/randn with no argument in output schema28 msPassed
SPARK-3173 Timestamp support in the parser1.2 secPassed
SPARK-3176 Added Parser of SQL LAST()0.17 secPassed
SPARK-3349 partitioning after limit2 secPassed
SPARK-3371 Renaming a function expression with group by gives error0.3 secPassed
SPARK-3423 BETWEEN0.42 secPassed
SPARK-3483 Special chars in column names92 msPassed
SPARK-3813 CASE WHEN a THEN b [WHEN c THEN d]* [ELSE e] END0.3 secPassed
SPARK-3813 CASE a WHEN b THEN c [WHEN d THEN e]* [ELSE f] END0.39 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise & operator0.13 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise ^ operator0.11 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise | operator0.26 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise ~ operator97 msPassed
SPARK-4120 Join of multiple tables does not work in SparkSQL0.92 secPassed
SPARK-4154 Query does not work if it has 'not between' in Spark SQL and HQL0.69 secPassed
SPARK-4207 Query which has syntax like 'not like' is not working in Spark SQL0.44 secPassed
SPARK-4322 Grouping field with struct field as sub expression0.78 secPassed
SPARK-4432 Fix attribute reference resolution error when using ORDER BY0.43 secPassed
SPARK-4625 support SORT BY in SimpleSQLParser & DSL0.41 secPassed
SPARK-4699 case sensitivity SQL query0.17 secPassed
SPARK-6145: ORDER BY test for nested fields1.9 secPassed
SPARK-6145: special cases0.66 secPassed
SPARK-6201 IN type conversion0.22 secPassed
SPARK-6583 order by aggregated function6.5 secPassed
SPARK-6743: no columns from cache0.92 secPassed
SPARK-6898: complete support for special chars in column names0.14 secPassed
SPARK-7067: order by queries for complex ExtractValue chain0.3 secPassed
SPARK-7158 collect and take return different results0.18 secPassed
SPARK-7952: fix the equality check between boolean and numeric types0.23 secPassed
SPARK-8010: promote numeric to string0.23 secPassed
SPARK-8668 expr function0.61 secPassed
SPARK-8753: add interval type0.15 secPassed
SPARK-8782: ORDER BY NULL0.13 secPassed
SPARK-8828 sum should return null if all input values are null0.17 secPassed
SPARK-8837: use keyword in column name0.13 secPassed
SPARK-8945: add and subtract expressions for interval type0.32 secPassed
SPARK-9511: error with table starting with number0.16 secPassed
SQRT0.1 secPassed
SQRT with automatic string casts0.12 secPassed
SRARK-22266: the same aggregate function was calculated multiple times0.38 secPassed
SortMergeJoin returns wrong results when using UnsafeRows1.5 secPassed
Star Expansion - group by0.66 secPassed
Star Expansion - table with zero column0.23 secPassed
Struct Star Expansion7.5 secPassed
Struct Star Expansion - Name conflict0.32 secPassed
Support filter clause for aggregate function uses SortAggregateExec0.23 secPassed
Support filter clause for aggregate function with hash aggregate0.61 secPassed
Supporting relational operator '<=>' in Spark SQL0.59 secPassed
UNION1.9 secPassed
UNION with column mismatches2.2 secPassed
aggregation with codegen20 secPassed
aggregation with codegen updates peak execution memory0.53 secPassed
allowHashOnMapType is true, hash can be used on Maptype0.39 secPassed
apply schema1.5 secPassed
approximate count distinct0.55 secPassed
approximate count distinct with user provided standard deviation0.63 secPassed
average0.21 secPassed
average overflow0.36 secPassed
big inner join, 4 matches per row1 secPassed
cartesian product join0.14 secPassed
cast boolean to string0.13 secPassed
check code injection is prevented1.3 secPassed
count0.28 secPassed
count distinct0.44 secPassed
count of empty table0.12 secPassed
data source table created in InMemoryCatalog should be able to read/write0.72 secPassed
date row0.33 secPassed
describe functions0.11 secPassed
execute() should perform per-partition limits0.3 secPassed
external sorting5.1 secPassed
external sorting updates peak execution memory0.19 secPassed
filter on a grouping column that is not presented in SELECT0.26 secPassed
from follow multiple brackets0.87 secPassed
full outer join0.66 secPassed
grouping on nested fields0.89 secPassed
hash function95 msPassed
inner join ON with table name as qualifier0.66 secPassed
inner join ON, one match per row0.78 secPassed
inner join where, one match per row0.68 secPassed
inner join, no matches0.27 secPassed
inner join, where, multiple matches0.29 secPassed
join with using clause2.5 secPassed
left outer join0.66 secPassed
left semi greater than predicate0.21 secPassed
left semi greater than predicate and equal operator0.88 secPassed
metadata is propagated correctly0.16 secPassed
mixed-case keywords0.77 secPassed
null count1.1 secPassed
oder by asc by default when not specify ascending and descending0.64 secPassed
partitions17 msPassed
precision smaller than scale0.69 secPassed
qualified select with inner join ON with table name as qualifier0.59 secPassed
reset command should not fail with cache0.15 secPassed
right outer join0.64 secPassed
run sql directly on files0.94 secPassed
runSQLOnFiles at runtime0.51 secPassed
select *0.14 secPassed
select with table name as qualifier0.12 secPassed
self join with alias in agg1.9 secPassed
self join with aliases0.7 secPassed
should be able to resolve a persistent view1.6 secPassed
show functions0.48 secPassed
simple select0.23 secPassed
specifying database name for a temporary view is not allowed0.5 secPassed
star0.68 secPassed
string date comparison2.6 secPassed
string timestamp comparison3.3 secPassed
system function lower()0.26 secPassed
system function upper()0.18 secPassed
xxhash64 function77 msPassed