Test Result : MapOutputTrackerSuite

0 failures (±0)
11 tests (±0)
Took 44 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
equally divide map statistics tasks0.15 secPassed
getLocationsWithLargestOutputs with multiple outputs in same machine48 msPassed
master register and unregister shuffle0.17 secPassed
master register shuffle and fetch0.16 secPassed
master register shuffle and unregister map output and fetch56 msPassed
master start and stop0.1 secPassed
min broadcast size exceeds max RPC message size30 msPassed
remote fetch93 msPassed
remote fetch below max RPC message size64 msPassed
remote fetch using broadcast44 secPassed
zero-sized blocks should be excluded when getMapSizesByExecutorId69 msPassed