Test Result : ExternalShuffleServiceSuite

0 failures (±0)
20 tests (±0)
Took 3 min 3 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-25888: using external shuffle service fetching disk persisted blocks10 secPassed
SPARK-27651: read host local shuffle blocks from disk and avoid network remote fetches24 secPassed
[SPARK-4085] rerun map stage if reduce stage cannot find its local shuffle file0.51 secPassed
cannot find its local shuffle file if no execution of the stage and rerun shuffle0.24 secPassed
cogroup using mutable pairs10 secPassed
groupByKey without compression0.41 secPassed
metrics for shuffle with aggregation1.1 secPassed
metrics for shuffle without aggregation0.39 secPassed
multiple simultaneous attempts for one task (SPARK-8029)0.28 secPassed
shuffle non-zero block size12 secPassed
shuffle on mutable pairs13 secPassed
shuffle serializer8.6 secPassed
shuffle with different compression settings (SPARK-3426)1.2 secPassed
sort with Java non serializable class - Java6.9 secPassed
sort with Java non serializable class - Kryo13 secPassed
sorting on mutable pairs8.5 secPassed
subtract mutable pairs8.4 secPassed
using external shuffle service19 secPassed
zero sized blocks18 secPassed
zero sized blocks without kryo23 secPassed