Test Result : AdaptiveQueryExecSuite

0 failures (±0)
31 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 20 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
AQE should set active session during execution0.23 secPassed
Avoid changing merge join to broadcast join if too many empty partitions on build plan0.8 secPassed
Avoid plan change if cost is greater1.4 secPassed
Broadcast exchange reuse across subqueries1.5 secPassed
Change merge join to broadcast join1.3 secPassed
Change merge join to broadcast join without local shuffle reader0.81 secPassed
Exchange reuse2 secPassed
Exchange reuse across subqueries2.1 secPassed
Exchange reuse with subqueries1.6 secPassed
No deadlock in UI update0.39 secPassed
Reuse the default parallelism in LocalShuffleReaderExec0.54 secPassed
Reuse the parallelism of CoalescedShuffleReaderExec in LocalShuffleReaderExec0.55 secPassed
SPARK-29544: adaptive skew join with different join types43 secPassed
SPARK-29906: AQE should not introduce extra shuffle for outermost limit86 msPassed
SPARK-30291: AQE should catch the exceptions when doing materialize0.98 secPassed
SPARK-30403: AQE should handle InSubquery1 secPassed
SPARK-30524: Do not optimize skew join if introduce additional shuffle1.6 secPassed
SPARK-30719: do not log warning if intentionally skip AQE30 msPassed
SPARK-30953: InsertAdaptiveSparkPlan should apply AQE on child plan of write commands0.23 secPassed
SPARK-31384: avoid NPE in OptimizeSkewedJoin when there's 0 partition plan1.6 secPassed
SPARK-31658: SQL UI should show write commands0.29 secPassed
Scalar subquery0.87 secPassed
Scalar subquery in later stages1.3 secPassed
Subquery de-correlation in Union queries0.77 secPassed
Subquery reuse1.7 secPassed
Union/Except/Intersect queries2.8 secPassed
force apply AQE32 msPassed
multiple joins1.6 secPassed
multiple joins with aggregate2.1 secPassed
multiple joins with aggregate 22 secPassed
test log level4 secPassed