Test Result : StringIndexerSuite

0 failures (±0)
25 tests (±0)
Took 8.9 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
00.32 secPassed
Correctly skipping NULL and NaN values0.25 secPassed
IndexToString params4 msPassed
IndexToString read/write0.21 secPassed
SPARK 18698: construct IndexToString with custom uid1 msPassed
SPARK-22446: StringIndexerModel's indexer UDF should not apply on filtered data0.35 secPassed
StringIndexer0.47 secPassed
StringIndexer metadata0.28 secPassed
StringIndexer multiple input columns0.36 secPassed
StringIndexer order types1.2 secPassed
StringIndexer order types: secondary sort by alphabets when frequency equal0.28 secPassed
StringIndexer read/write0.25 secPassed
StringIndexer with NULLs1 secPassed
StringIndexer with a numeric input column0.41 secPassed
StringIndexer, IndexToString are inverses0.32 secPassed
StringIndexerModel can't overwrite output column0.11 secPassed
StringIndexerModel read/write0.89 secPassed
StringIndexerModel should keep silent if the input column does not exist0.33 secPassed
StringIndexerUnseen1 secPassed
params9 msPassed
params: input/output columns28 msPassed
transform0.6 secPassed
transformSchema (SPARK-10573)0 msPassed
transformSchema multi col0 msPassed
transformSchema)1 msPassed