Test Result : CollectionExpressionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
34 tests (±0)
Took 33 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Array Distinct0.7 secPassed
Array Except4.6 secPassed
Array Except - null handling85 msPassed
Array Intersect1.6 secPassed
Array Intersect - null handling0.65 secPassed
Array Min0.35 secPassed
Array Position0.54 secPassed
Array Union1.6 secPassed
Array and Map Size0.42 secPassed
Array and Map Size - legacy0.42 secPassed
Array contains1 secPassed
Array max0.7 secPassed
Array remove0.94 secPassed
ArrayJoin0.6 secPassed
ArrayRepeat0.73 secPassed
ArraysOverlap1.2 secPassed
ArraysZip3.7 secPassed
Concat1.3 secPassed
Flatten0.85 secPassed
Map Concat1.6 secPassed
MapEntries0.49 secPassed
MapFromEntries0.51 secPassed
MapKeys/MapValues0.24 secPassed
Reverse0.52 secPassed
Sequence of dates0.54 secPassed
Sequence of numbers0.89 secPassed
Sequence of timestamps1.2 secPassed
Sequence on DST boundaries0.14 secPassed
Sequence with default step0.67 secPassed
Shuffle0.74 secPassed
Slice1.2 secPassed
Sort Array1.5 secPassed
correctly handles ElementAt nullability for arrays1 msPassed
elementAt0.76 secPassed