Test Result : DateExpressionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
41 tests (±0)
Took 4 min 8 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
DateFormat2.5 secPassed
Day / DayOfMonth56 secPassed
DayOfWeek0.72 secPassed
DayOfYear8.4 secPassed
Hour23 secPassed
ISO 8601 week-numbering year0.26 secPassed
Minute39 secPassed
Month10 secPassed
Quarter20 secPassed
Seconds13 secPassed
TruncDate3 secPassed
TruncTimestamp2.6 secPassed
WeekDay0.67 secPassed
WeekOfYear0.93 secPassed
Year18 secPassed
add_months0.71 secPassed
creating values of DateType via make_date0.61 secPassed
creating values of TimestampType via make_timestamp2.3 secPassed
date add interval0.79 secPassed
date_add1.8 secPassed
date_sub1 secPassed
datediff0.19 secPassed
datetime function current_date63 msPassed
datetime function current_timestamp1.2 secPassed
extract the seconds part with fraction from timestamps1.7 secPassed
from_unixtime3 secPassed
from_utc_timestamp0.6 secPassed
from_utc_timestamp - invalid time zone id64 msPassed
last_day1.8 secPassed
months_between9.1 secPassed
next_day1 secPassed
subtract dates0.54 secPassed
time_add3.9 secPassed
time_sub4.7 secPassed
timestamps difference0.27 secPassed
to_timestamp exception mode0.27 secPassed
to_unix_timestamp3.6 secPassed
to_utc_timestamp0.73 secPassed
to_utc_timestamp - invalid time zone id0.11 secPassed
unix_timestamp4.4 secPassed
unsupported fmt fields for trunc/date_trunc results null1.6 secPassed