Test Result : PredicateSuite

0 failures (±0)
29 tests (±0)
Took 57 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
3VL =0.41 secPassed
3VL AND0.38 secPassed
3VL Not0.21 secPassed
3VL OR0.56 secPassed
AND, OR, EqualTo, EqualNullSafe consistency check2.2 secPassed
BinaryComparison consistency check4.2 secPassed
BinaryComparison: EqualNullSafe2.3 secPassed
BinaryComparison: EqualTo2.9 secPassed
BinaryComparison: GreaterThan2 secPassed
BinaryComparison: GreaterThanOrEqual2.1 secPassed
BinaryComparison: LessThanOrEqual2 secPassed
BinaryComparison: lessThan1.9 secPassed
BinaryComparison: null test1.5 secPassed
EqualTo double/float infinity83 msPassed
EqualTo on complex type0.15 secPassed
IN with different types24 secPassed
IN/INSET: array0.49 secPassed
IN/INSET: binary0.49 secPassed
IN/INSET: struct0.58 secPassed
Interpreted Predicate should initialize nondeterministic expressions18 msPassed
SPARK-22501: In should not generate codes beyond 64KB1.2 secPassed
SPARK-22693: InSet should not use global variables0 msPassed
SPARK-22705: In should use less global variables1 msPassed
SPARK-24007: EqualNullSafe for FloatType and DoubleType might generate a wrong result0.35 secPassed
SPARK-24872: Replace taking the $symbol with $sqlOperator in BinaryOperator's toString method1 msPassed
SPARK-29100: InSet with empty input set48 msPassed
basic IN/INSET predicate test1.9 secPassed
isunknown and isnotunknown0.16 secPassed
switch statements in InSet for bytes, shorts, ints, dates3.9 secPassed