Test Result : CsvFunctionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
19 tests (±0)
Took 2.7 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Support to_csv in SQL74 msPassed
checking the columnNameOfCorruptRecord option0.18 secPassed
from_csv invalid csv - check modes0.2 secPassed
from_csv uses DDL strings for defining a schema - java0.12 secPassed
from_csv with empty options0.17 secPassed
from_csv with option0.12 secPassed
infers schemas of a CSV string and pass to to from_csv8 msPassed
optional datetime parser does not affect csv time formatting0.11 secPassed
parse timestamps with locale0.28 secPassed
roundtrip from_csv -> to_csv0.13 secPassed
roundtrip to_csv -> from_csv0.12 secPassed
schema_of_csv - infers schemas0.21 secPassed
schema_of_csv - infers schemas using options73 msPassed
schema_of_csv - infers the schema of foldable CSV string71 msPassed
special date values0.22 secPassed
special timestamp values0.17 secPassed
support foldable schema by from_csv0.1 secPassed
to_csv - struct0.14 secPassed
to_csv with option0.12 secPassed