Test Result : JoinHintSuite

0 failures (±0)
14 tests (±0)
Took 2.6 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Verify that the EliminatedResolvedHint rule is idempotent37 msPassed
hint merge0.15 secPassed
hint merge - SQL0.19 secPassed
hint scope0.22 secPassed
hints prevent cost-based join reorder57 msPassed
hints prevent join reorder0.34 secPassed
intersect/except60 msPassed
join strategy hint - broadcast0.4 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-hash0.39 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-merge0.26 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-replicate-nl0.23 secPassed
multiple joins91 msPassed
nested hint68 msPassed
single join73 msPassed