Test Result : FsHistoryProviderSuite

0 failures (±0)
39 tests (±0)
Took 23 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
45 msPassed
Event log copy0.27 secPassed
Parse application logs (inMemory = false)1.4 secPassed
Parse application logs (inMemory = true)0.14 secPassed
Parse logs that application is not started0.24 secPassed
SPARK-21571: clean up removes invalid history files0.25 secPassed
SPARK-24948: blacklist files we don't have read permission on0.49 secPassed
SPARK-29043: clean up specified event log0.3 secPassed
SPARK-29755 AttemptInfoWrapper should be serialized/deserialized by jackson properly8 msPassed
SPARK-29755 LogInfo should be serialized/deserialized by jackson properly6 msPassed
SPARK-3697: ignore files that cannot be read0.2 secPassed
SPARK-5582: empty log directory0.2 secPassed
SPARK-8372: new logs with no app ID are ignored0.25 secPassed
always find end event for finished apps0.24 secPassed
apps with multiple attempts with order1.9 secPassed
check in-progress event logs absolute length0.47 secPassed
clean up stale app information0.79 secPassed
compact event log files0.33 secPassed
custom log urls with invalid attribute0.67 secPassed
custom log urls, LOG_FILES not available while FILE_NAME is specified0.8 secPassed
custom log urls, app not finished, applyIncompleteApplication: false0.66 secPassed
custom log urls, app not finished, applyIncompleteApplication: true0.8 secPassed
custom log urls, excluding FILE_NAME0.75 secPassed
custom log urls, including FILE_NAME0.91 secPassed
driver log cleaner76 msPassed
history file is renamed from inprogress to completed0.18 secPassed
ignore hidden files0.27 secPassed
invalidate cached UI1 secPassed
log cleaner0.27 secPassed
log cleaner for inProgress files0.28 secPassed
log cleaner with the maximum number of log files3.7 secPassed
log urls without customization0.95 secPassed
mismatched version discards old listing0.8 secPassed
parse event logs with optimizations off0.23 secPassed
provider correctly checks whether fs is in safe mode0.72 secPassed
provider reports error after FS leaves safe mode0.21 secPassed
provider waits for safe mode to finish before initializing0.18 secPassed
should not clean inprogress application with lastUpdated time less than maxTime0.47 secPassed
support history server ui admin acls2.1 secPassed