Test Result : ParquetIOSuite

0 failures (±0)
46 tests (-10)
Took 36 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Legacy mode - array0.49 secPassed
Legacy mode - array and double0.57 secPassed
Legacy mode - fixed-length decimals4.4 secPassed
Legacy mode - map0.72 secPassed
Legacy mode - nested map with struct as value type0.55 secPassed
Legacy mode - nested struct with array of array as field0.89 secPassed
Legacy mode - struct0.93 secPassed
SPARK-10113 Support for unsigned Parquet logical types0.28 secPassed
SPARK-11044 Parquet writer version fixed as version10.31 secPassed
SPARK-11692 Support for Parquet logical types, JSON and BSON (embedded types)0.17 secPassed
SPARK-11694 Parquet logical types are not being tested properly0.49 secPassed
SPARK-12589 copy() on rows returned from reader works for strings0.62 secPassed
SPARK-18433: Improve DataSource option keys to be more case-insensitive2 msPassed
SPARK-23173 Writing a file with data converted from JSON with and incorrect user schema0.81 secPassed
SPARK-6315 regression test0.27 secPassed
SPARK-6330 regression test0.14 secPassed
SPARK-7837 Do not close output writer twice when commitTask() fails0.88 secPassed
Standard mode - array0.75 secPassed
Standard mode - array and double1.1 secPassed
Standard mode - fixed-length decimals5.2 secPassed
Standard mode - map0.64 secPassed
Standard mode - nested map with struct as value type0.72 secPassed
Standard mode - nested struct with array of array as field0.76 secPassed
Standard mode - struct0.56 secPassed
VectorizedParquetRecordReader - direct path read0.3 secPassed
VectorizedParquetRecordReader - partition column types0.37 secPassed
Write Spark version into Parquet metadata0.14 secPassed
basic data types (without binary)1.9 secPassed
class shouldn't be overridden0.18 secPassed
compression codec0.76 secPassed
date type0.65 secPassed
nones0.42 secPassed
null and non-null strings0.64 secPassed
nulls0.37 secPassed
raw binary1.5 secPassed
read dictionary and plain encoded timestamp_millis written as INT640.49 secPassed
read dictionary encoded decimals written as FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY0.47 secPassed
read dictionary encoded decimals written as INT320.37 secPassed
read dictionary encoded decimals written as INT640.36 secPassed
read raw Parquet file0.48 secPassed
save - append0.73 secPassed
save - ignore0.67 secPassed
save - overwrite0.78 secPassed
save - throw0.19 secPassed
string1.7 secPassed
write metadata29 msPassed