Test Result : ExpressionParserSuite

0 failures (±0)
36 tests (-7)
Took 0.65 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-17364, fully qualified column name which starts with number2 msPassed
SPARK-17832 function identifier contains backtick1 msPassed
SPARK-19526 Support ignore nulls keywords for first and last5 msPassed
between expressions5 msPassed
binary arithmetic expressions16 msPassed
binary logical expressions9 msPassed
case when27 msPassed
cast expressions3 msPassed
comparison expressions5 msPassed
composed expressions4 msPassed
dereference5 msPassed
exists expression3 msPassed
function expressions9 msPassed
in expressions5 msPassed
in sub-query9 msPassed
intervals0.36 secPassed
is distinct expressions2 msPassed
is null expressions3 msPassed
lambda functions5 msPassed
like expressions6 msPassed
like expressions with ESCAPED_STRING_LITERALS = true3 msPassed
literals16 msPassed
long binary logical expressions65 msPassed
named expressions2 msPassed
not expressions5 msPassed
parenthesis1 msPassed
range/rows window function expressions32 msPassed
reference2 msPassed
row constructor1 msPassed
scalar sub-query2 msPassed
star expressions3 msPassed
strings14 msPassed
subscript3 msPassed
type constructors5 msPassed
unary arithmetic expressions4 msPassed
window function expressions11 msPassed