Test Result : JDBCWriteSuite

0 failures (±0) , 1 skipped (±0)
30 tests (+1)
Took 5.9 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Basic CREATE0.37 secPassed
Basic CREATE with batchsize0.39 secPassed
Basic CREATE with illegal batchsize42 msPassed
CREATE then INSERT to append0.24 secPassed
CREATE with ignore0.35 secPassed
CREATE with overwrite0.42 secPassed
INSERT to JDBC Datasource0.14 secPassed
INSERT to JDBC Datasource with overwrite0.2 secPassed
Incompatible INSERT to append66 msPassed
Overwrite0.17 secPassed
SPARK-10849: create table using user specified column type and verify on target table0.52 secPassed
SPARK-10849: jdbc CreateTableColumnTypes duplicate columns17 msPassed
SPARK-10849: jdbc CreateTableColumnTypes invalid columns25 msPassed
SPARK-10849: jdbc CreateTableColumnTypes option with invalid data type16 msPassed
SPARK-10849: jdbc CreateTableColumnTypes option with invalid syntax14 msPassed
SPARK-10849: test schemaString - from createTableColumnTypes option values18 msPassed
SPARK-18123 Append with column names with different cases0.28 secPassed
SPARK-18413: Use `numPartitions` JDBCOption16 msPassed
SPARK-18433: Improve DataSource option keys to be more case-insensitive58 msPassed
SPARK-19318 temporary view data source option keys should be case-insensitive0.88 secPassed
SPARK-19726: INSERT null to a NOT NULL column0.14 secPassed
SPARK-23856 Spark jdbc setQueryTimeout option-1 msSkipped
Truncate0.35 secPassed
createTableOptions15 msPassed
metrics0.24 secPassed
save errors if dbtable is not specified35 msPassed
save errors if partitionColumn and numPartitions and bounds not set14 msPassed
save errors if url is not specified14 msPassed
save errors if wrong user/password combination0.76 secPassed
save works for format("jdbc") if url and dbtable are set0.12 secPassed