1. Minor fixes to push notifications (commit: fc6250e6bf5e581d0337b27bec876a93d1564737) (details)
  2. Update the sample conf to reflect the new config option (commit: ea326b920a4371a5584edb95308621c9d1ea8f55) (details)
Commit fc6250e6bf5e581d0337b27bec876a93d1564737 by shankari
Minor fixes to push notifications
- Make the package name configurable so that it works with apps other
emission. This fixes
- Makes the iOS silent push consistent with the visible push
notifications wrt
return type
Testing done: Generated iOS silent push notifications. Output
``` DEBUG:root:{'ios': {'multicast_ids': [6201858508613677751],
'success': 4, 'failure': 0, 'canonical_ids': 0, 'results':
[{'message_id': '1560234116610162'}, {'message_id': '1560234116609706'},
{'message_id': '1560234116609705'}, {'message_id': '1560234116609608'}],
'topic_message_id': None}, 'android': {'success': 'skipped', 'failure':
'skipped', 'results': 'skipped'}} DEBUG:root:module_name =
DEBUG:root:module = <module
'' from
DEBUG:root:interface_obj_fn = <function get_interface at 0x10ba4ad90>
WARNING:root:No package name specified, defaulting to embase
DEBUG:root:interface_obj =
object at 0x10a328da0> DEBUG:root:interface_obj =
object at 0x10a328da0> DEBUG:root:firebase push result for ios: success
4 failure 0 results [{'message_id': '1560234116610162'}, {'message_id':
'1560234116609706'}, {'message_id': '1560234116609705'}, {'message_id':
'1560234116609608'}] DEBUG:root:firebase push result for android:
success skipped failure skipped results skipped
(commit: fc6250e6bf5e581d0337b27bec876a93d1564737)
The file was modifiedemission/net/ext_service/push/notify_interface_impl/ (diff)
Commit ea326b920a4371a5584edb95308621c9d1ea8f55 by shankari
Update the sample conf to reflect the new config option
To be consistent with
(commit: ea326b920a4371a5584edb95308621c9d1ea8f55)
The file was modifiedconf/net/ext_service/push.json.sample (diff)