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GitHub pull request #91 of commit f8df3cfe077e8307df6a652603631d4b4e8bfe24 automatically merged.
[EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
Building remotely on amp-jenkins-worker-01 (spark-packaging spark-compile spark-experimental-docker spark-release spark-docs centos) in workspace /home/jenkins/workspace/snap-prb
Wiping out workspace first.
Cloning the remote Git repository
Cloning repository
 > git init /home/jenkins/workspace/snap-prb # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
 > git config --add remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* # timeout=10
 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from
 > git fetch --tags --progress +refs/pull/*:refs/remotes/origin/pr/*
 > git rev-parse origin/pr/91/merge^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git branch -a -v --no-abbrev --contains c159afde047546f67b5ef8dc9cb172a753ef302b # timeout=10
Checking out Revision c159afde047546f67b5ef8dc9cb172a753ef302b (origin/pr/91/merge)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f c159afde047546f67b5ef8dc9cb172a753ef302b
First time build. Skipping changelog.
[snap-prb] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ make
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/AlignerContext.o SNAPLib/AlignerContext.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/AlignerOptions.o SNAPLib/AlignerOptions.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/AlignerStats.o SNAPLib/AlignerStats.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/AlignmentAdjuster.o SNAPLib/AlignmentAdjuster.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/AlignmentResult.o SNAPLib/AlignmentResult.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ApproximateCounter.o SNAPLib/ApproximateCounter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Bam.o SNAPLib/Bam.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/BaseAligner.o SNAPLib/BaseAligner.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/BiasTables.o SNAPLib/BiasTables.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/BigAlloc.o SNAPLib/BigAlloc.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/BufferedAsync.o SNAPLib/BufferedAsync.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ChimericPairedEndAligner.o SNAPLib/ChimericPairedEndAligner.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/CommandProcessor.o SNAPLib/CommandProcessor.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Compat.o SNAPLib/Compat.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/DataReader.o SNAPLib/DataReader.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/DataWriter.o SNAPLib/DataWriter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Error.o SNAPLib/Error.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/FASTA.o SNAPLib/FASTA.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/FASTQ.o SNAPLib/FASTQ.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenericFile.o SNAPLib/GenericFile.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenericFile_Blob.o SNAPLib/GenericFile_Blob.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenericFile_HDFS.o SNAPLib/GenericFile_HDFS.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenericFile_map.o SNAPLib/GenericFile_map.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenericFile_stdio.o SNAPLib/GenericFile_stdio.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Genome.o SNAPLib/Genome.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GenomeIndex.o SNAPLib/GenomeIndex.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/GzipDataWriter.o SNAPLib/GzipDataWriter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/HashTable.o SNAPLib/HashTable.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Histogram.o SNAPLib/Histogram.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/IntersectingPairedEndAligner.o SNAPLib/IntersectingPairedEndAligner.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/LandauVishkin.o SNAPLib/LandauVishkin.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/MultiInputReadSupplier.o SNAPLib/MultiInputReadSupplier.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/PairedAligner.o SNAPLib/PairedAligner.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/PairedReadMatcher.o SNAPLib/PairedReadMatcher.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ParallelTask.o SNAPLib/ParallelTask.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ProbabilityDistance.o SNAPLib/ProbabilityDistance.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/RangeSplitter.o SNAPLib/RangeSplitter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Read.o SNAPLib/Read.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ReadReader.o SNAPLib/ReadReader.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ReadSupplierQueue.o SNAPLib/ReadSupplierQueue.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/ReadWriter.o SNAPLib/ReadWriter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/SAM.o SNAPLib/SAM.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Seed.o SNAPLib/Seed.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/SeedSequencer.o SNAPLib/SeedSequencer.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/SingleAligner.o SNAPLib/SingleAligner.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/SortedDataWriter.o SNAPLib/SortedDataWriter.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Tables.o SNAPLib/Tables.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/Util.o SNAPLib/Util.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/exit.o SNAPLib/exit.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/mapq.o SNAPLib/mapq.cpp
g++ -O3 -Wno-format -MMD -ISNAPLib -msse   -c -o SNAPLib/pool.o SNAPLib/pool.cpp
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In constructor 'Pool::Pool(unsigned int)':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:42: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In destructor 'Pool::~Pool()':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:67: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:78: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:80: warning: deleting 'void*' is undefined
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'void Pool::allocateMoreObjects()':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:92: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'void Pool::preAllocate(unsigned int)':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:140: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'PoolEntry* Pool::getEntry()':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:156: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'void Pool::releaseEntry(PoolEntry*)':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:193: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'void* Pool::allocate()':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:204: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:217: error: 'PVOID' was not declared in this scope
SNAPLib/pool.cpp: In member function 'void Pool::free(void*)':
SNAPLib/pool.cpp:232: error: '_ASSERT' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [SNAPLib/pool.o] Error 1
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