1. [SPARK-24950][SQL] DateTimeUtilsSuite daysToMillis and millisToDays (details)
Commit 42229430f94ba33fb614628b9438e699b4922099 by srowen
[SPARK-24950][SQL] DateTimeUtilsSuite daysToMillis and millisToDays
fails w/java 8 181-b13
- Update DateTimeUtilsSuite so that when testing roundtripping in
daysToMillis and millisToDays multiple skipdates can be specified.
- Updated test so that both new years eve 2014 and new years day 2015
are skipped for kiribati time zones.  This is necessary as java versions
pre 181-b13 considered new years day 2015 to be skipped while susequent
versions corrected this to new years eve.
Unit tests
Author: Chris Martin <>
Closes #21901 from d80tb7/SPARK-24950_datetimeUtilsSuite_failures.
(cherry picked from commit c5b8d54c61780af6e9e157e6c855718df972efad)
Signed-off-by: Sean Owen <>
The file was modifiedsql/catalyst/src/test/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/catalyst/util/DateTimeUtilsSuite.scala (diff)