1. [SPARKR] Require Java 8 for SparkR (details)
Commit 7de4bef9ec37440aa36e6b0e9d8656de07d03b68 by shivaram
[SPARKR] Require Java 8 for SparkR
This change updates the SystemRequirements and also includes a runtime
check if the JVM is being launched by R. The runtime check is done by
querying `java -version`
## How was this patch tested?
Tested on a Mac and Windows machine
Author: Shivaram Venkataraman <>
Closes #21278 from shivaram/sparkr-skip-solaris.
(cherry picked from commit f27a035daf705766d3445e5c6a99867c11c552b0)
Signed-off-by: Shivaram Venkataraman <>
The file was modifiedR/pkg/R/utils.R (diff)
The file was modifiedR/pkg/R/client.R (diff)
The file was modifiedR/pkg/R/sparkR.R (diff)
The file was modifiedR/pkg/DESCRIPTION (diff)