1. [SQL][CATALYST][MINOR] update some error comments (details)
Commit e9332f600eb4f275b3bff368863a68c2a4349182 by hyukjinkwon
[SQL][CATALYST][MINOR] update some error comments
## What changes were proposed in this pull request?
this PR correct some comment error: 1. change from "as low a possible"
to "as low as possible" in RewriteDistinctAggregates.scala 2. delete
redundant word “with” in HiveTableScanExec’s  doExecute()  method
## How was this patch tested?
Existing unit tests.
Closes #22694 from CarolinePeng/update_comment.
Authored-by: 彭灿00244106 <00244106@zte.intra> Signed-off-by:
hyukjinkwon <>
The file was modifiedsql/catalyst/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/catalyst/optimizer/RewriteDistinctAggregates.scala (diff)
The file was modifiedsql/hive/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/hive/execution/HiveTableScanExec.scala (diff)