Test Result : UnivocityParserSuite

0 failures (±0)
13 tests (±0)
Took 99 ms.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Can parse decimal type values4 msPassed
Double NaN values are parsed correctly0 msPassed
Double infinite values can be parsed0 msPassed
Float NaN values are parsed correctly1 msPassed
Float infinite values can be parsed1 msPassed
Nullable types are handled14 msPassed
SPARK-27591 UserDefinedType can be read1 msPassed
SPARK-30960: parse date/timestamp string with legacy format5 msPassed
Throws exception for casting an invalid string to Float and Double Types3 msPassed
Throws exception for empty string with non null type1 msPassed
Types are cast correctly2 msPassed
parse decimals using locale3 msPassed
skipping rows using pushdown filters64 msPassed