Test Result : HiveOrcHadoopFsRelationSuite

0 failures (±0)
35 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 16 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Default compression codec is snappy for ORC compression0.38 secPassed
Hadoop style globbing - partitioned data with schema inference4.1 secPassed
Hadoop style globbing - unpartitioned data2.4 secPassed
Locality support for FileScanRDD0.74 secPassed
SPARK-12218: 'Not' is included in ORC filter pushdown0.69 secPassed
SPARK-13543: Support for specifying compression codec for ORC via option()0.62 secPassed
SPARK-16975: Partitioned table with the column having '_' should be read correctly1.4 secPassed
SPARK-7616: adjust column name order accordingly when saving partitioned table1.7 secPassed
SPARK-8887: Explicitly define which data types can be used as dynamic partition columns0.14 secPassed
SPARK-9735 Partition column type casting2.3 secPassed
load() - with directory of unpartitioned data in nested subdirs1 secPassed
save()/load() - non-partitioned table - Append1.4 secPassed
save()/load() - non-partitioned table - ErrorIfExists46 msPassed
save()/load() - non-partitioned table - Ignore58 msPassed
save()/load() - non-partitioned table - Overwrite0.83 secPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - Append1.7 secPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - Append - new partition values0.99 secPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - ErrorIfExists67 msPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - Ignore66 msPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - Overwrite1.5 secPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - simple queries3.4 secPassed
save()/load() - partitioned table - simple queries - partition columns in data4 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - non-partitioned table - Append1.3 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - non-partitioned table - ErrorIfExists0.22 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - non-partitioned table - Ignore0.41 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - non-partitioned table - Overwrite0.72 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - Append2.8 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - Append - mismatched partition columns1 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - Append - new partition values2.6 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - ErrorIfExists37 msPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - Ignore52 msPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - Overwrite4.4 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - boolean type1.8 secPassed
saveAsTable()/load() - partitioned table - simple queries3.1 secPassed
test all data types27 secPassed