Test Result : TableCapabilityCheckSuite

0 failures (±0)
53 tests (±0)
Took 0.92 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
) expression3 msPassed
Analysis exceed max iterations9 msPassed
Analysis may leave unnecessary aliases13 msPassed
AppendData: check correct capabilities2 msPassed
AppendData: check missing capabilities2 msPassed
CTE with non-existing column alias6 msPassed
CTE with non-matching column alias3 msPassed
Eliminate the unnecessary union2 msPassed
Keep attribute qualifiers after dedup4 msPassed
OverwriteByExpression: check correct capabilities2 msPassed
OverwriteByExpression: check missing capabilities3 msPassed
OverwritePartitionsDynamic: check correct capabilities0 msPassed
OverwritePartitionsDynamic: check missing capabilities2 msPassed
SPARK-10534: resolve attribute references in order by clause6 msPassed
SPARK-11725: correctly handle null inputs for ScalaUDF20 msPassed
SPARK-11863 mixture of aliases and real columns in order by clause - tpcds 19,55,717 msPassed
SPARK-12102: Ignore nullablity when comparing two sides of case4 msPassed
SPARK-15776: test whether Divide expression's data type can be deduced correctly by analyzer22 msPassed
SPARK-18058: union and set operations shall not care about the nullability when comparing column types4 msPassed
SPARK-20311 range(N) as alias15 msPassed
SPARK-20841 Support table column aliases in FROM clause9 msPassed
SPARK-20962 Support subquery column aliases in FROM clause6 msPassed
SPARK-20963 Support aliases for join relations in FROM clause11 msPassed
SPARK-22614 RepartitionByExpression partitioning7 msPassed
SPARK-24151: CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP should be case insensitive7 msPassed
SPARK-24208: analysis fails on self-join with FlatMapGroupsInPandas10 msPassed
SPARK-24488 Generator with multiple aliases6 msPassed
SPARK-24891 Fix HandleNullInputsForUDF rule9 msPassed
SPARK-25691: AliasViewChild with different nullabilities5 msPassed
SPARK-28251: Insert into non-existing table error message is user friendly4 msPassed
SPARK-30886 Deprecate two-parameter TRIM/LTRIM/RTRIM57 msPassed
SPARK-8654: check type compatibility error4 msPassed
SPARK-8654: different types in inlist but can be converted to a common type3 msPassed
SPARK-9634: cleanup unnecessary Aliases in LogicalPlan7 msPassed
Truncate: check correct capabilities2 msPassed
Truncate: check missing capabilities3 msPassed
analyze project58 msPassed
batch scan: check missing capabilities7 msPassed
check CollectMetrics duplicates25 msPassed
check CollectMetrics resolved14 msPassed
check project's resolved2 msPassed
divide should be casted into fractional types9 msPassed
pull out nondeterministic expressions from RepartitionByExpression7 msPassed
pull out nondeterministic expressions from Sort4 msPassed
resolve as with an already existed alias3 msPassed
resolve relations6 msPassed
resolve sort references - aggregate27 msPassed
resolve sort references - filter/limit29 msPassed
resolve sort references - join6 msPassed
self intersect should resolve duplicate expression IDs2 msPassed
streaming scan: check missing capabilities2 msPassed
streaming scan: mix micro-batch sources and continuous sources11 msPassed
union project *0.43 secPassed