Test Result : RDDSuite

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72 tests (±0)
Took 34 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
PartitionAwareUnionRDD raises exception if at least one RDD has no partitioner2 msPassed
SPARK-18406: race between end-of-task and completion iterator read lock release31 msPassed
SPARK-23496: order of input partitions can result in severe skew in coalesce4 msPassed
SPARK-23778: empty RDD in union should not produce a UnionRDD8 msPassed
SPARK-27666: Do not release lock while TaskContext already completed1 secPassed
UnionRDD partition serialized size should be small8 msPassed
actions cannot be performed inside of transformations (SPARK-5063)22 msPassed
aggregate25 msPassed
basic caching46 msPassed
basic operations0.9 secPassed
caching with failures24 msPassed
cannot call methods on a stopped SparkContext (SPARK-5063)2 msPassed
cannot run actions after SparkContext has been stopped (SPARK-5063)0.11 secPassed
cartesian on empty RDD31 msPassed
cartesian on non-empty RDDs91 msPassed
coalesced RDDs0.17 secPassed
coalesced RDDs with locality59 msPassed
coalesced RDDs with locality, fail first pass11 msPassed
coalesced RDDs with locality, large scale (10K partitions)1.2 secPassed
coalesced RDDs with partial locality47 msPassed
coalesced RDDs with partial locality, large scale (10K partitions)0.93 secPassed
collect large number of empty partitions2.5 secPassed
countApproxDistinct95 msPassed
custom RDD coalescer0.3 secPassed
distinct with known partitioner preserves partitioning0.22 secPassed
empty RDD0.18 secPassed
fold20 msPassed
fold with op modifying first arg24 msPassed
getNarrowAncestors42 msPassed
getNarrowAncestors with cycles33 msPassed
getNarrowAncestors with multiple parents23 msPassed
intersection0.15 secPassed
intersection strips duplicates in an input94 msPassed
isEmpty0.13 secPassed
nested RDDs are not supported (SPARK-5063)26 msPassed
parent method8 msPassed
partition pruning18 msPassed
partitioner aware union0.14 secPassed
partitions() fails fast when partitions indicies are incorrect (SPARK-13021)2 msPassed
randomSplit0.55 secPassed
repartitionAndSortWithinPartitions29 msPassed
repartitioned RDDs0.19 secPassed
repartitioned RDDs perform load balancing1.9 secPassed
retag with implicit ClassTag32 msPassed
runJob on an invalid partition9 msPassed
sample preserves partitioner2 msPassed
serialization1 msPassed
sort an empty RDD30 msPassed
sortByKey0.18 secPassed
sortByKey ascending parameter0.13 secPassed
sortByKey with explicit ordering0.15 secPassed
take1.6 secPassed
takeOrdered with custom ordering16 msPassed
takeOrdered with limit 01 msPassed
takeOrdered with predefined ordering19 msPassed
takeSample18 secPassed
takeSample from an empty rdd13 msPassed
task serialization exception should not hang scheduler36 msPassed
top with custom ordering15 msPassed
top with predefined ordering97 msPassed
treeAggregate0.55 secPassed
treeAggregate with ops modifying first args0.54 secPassed
treeReduce0.63 secPassed
union54 msPassed
union creates PartitionAwareUnionRDD if all RDDs have partitioners2 msPassed
union creates UnionRDD if at least one RDD has no partitioner2 msPassed
union parallel partition listing0.1 secPassed
zipWithIndex41 msPassed
zipWithIndex chained with other RDDs (SPARK-4433)43 msPassed
zipWithIndex with a single partition16 msPassed
zipWithUniqueId65 msPassed
zipped RDDs0.14 secPassed