Test Result : KubernetesVolumeUtilsSuite

0 failures (±0)
12 tests (±0)
Took 29 ms.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Defaults optional readOnly to false2 msPassed
Fails on missing mount key3 msPassed
Fails on missing option key3 msPassed
Fails on missing path option2 msPassed
Fails on missing server option2 msPassed
Parses emptyDir volume options can be optional2 msPassed
Parses emptyDir volumes correctly3 msPassed
Parses hostPath volumes correctly2 msPassed
Parses persistentVolumeClaim volumes correctly3 msPassed
Parses read-only nfs volumes correctly3 msPassed
Parses read/write nfs volumes correctly2 msPassed
Parses subPath correctly2 msPassed