Test Result : BisectingKMeansSuite

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11 tests (±0)
Took 20 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
BisectingKMeans with Array input1.6 secPassed
BisectingKMeans with cosine distance2.1 secPassed
BisectingKMeans with cosine distance is not supported for 0-length vectors0.13 secPassed
Comparing with and without weightCol3.6 secPassed
Comparing with and without weightCol with cosine distance3.8 secPassed
SPARK-16473: Verify Bisecting K-Means does not fail in edge case whereone cluster is empty after split1.4 secPassed
default parameters0.63 secPassed
fit, transform and summary3 secPassed
prediction on single instance1.6 secPassed
read/write2 secPassed
setter/getter2 msPassed