Test Result : JDBCSuite

0 failures (±0)
81 tests (-5)
Took 15 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Aggregated dialects7 msPassed
Aggregated dialects: isCascadingTruncateTable5 msPassed
Basic API38 msPassed
Basic API with FetchSize0.14 secPassed
Checking metrics correctness with JDBC0.52 secPassed
DB2Dialect type mapping6 msPassed
Default jdbc dialect registration1 msPassed
DerbyDialect jdbc type mapping7 msPassed
Dialect unregister1 msPassed
H2 floating-point types0.23 secPassed
H2 integral types74 msPassed
H2 null entries33 msPassed
H2 string types61 msPassed
H2 time types80 msPassed
Hide credentials in show create table93 msPassed
Missing partition columns26 msPassed
MsSqlServerDialect jdbc type mapping14 msPassed
OracleDialect jdbc type mapping2 msPassed
Partitioning on column that might have null values0.16 secPassed
Partitioning on column where lowerBound is equal to upperBound78 msPassed
Partitioning on column where lowerBound is larger than upperBound6 msPassed
Partitioning on column where numPartitions are more than the number of total rows0.17 secPassed
Partitioning on column where numPartitions is zero0.1 secPassed
Partitioning via JDBCPartitioningInfo API40 msPassed
Partitioning via list-of-where-clauses API73 msPassed
Pass extra properties via OPTIONS17 msPassed
PostgresDialect type mapping4 msPassed
Register JDBC query with renamed fields19 msPassed
Remap types via JdbcDialects60 msPassed
SELECT *0.19 secPassed
SELECT * WHERE (quoted strings)49 msPassed
SELECT * WHERE (simple predicates)1.9 secPassed
SELECT * on partitioned table with a nullable partition column59 msPassed
SELECT * partitioned41 msPassed
SELECT COUNT(1) WHERE (predicates)83 msPassed
SELECT WHERE (simple predicates) partitioned0.12 secPassed
SELECT first field0.1 secPassed
SELECT first field when fetchsize is two34 msPassed
SELECT second field52 msPassed
SELECT second field partitioned31 msPassed
SELECT second field when fetchsize is two74 msPassed
SPARK 12941: The data type mapping for StringType to Oracle2 msPassed
SPARK-15648: teradataDialect BooleanType data mapping2 msPassed
SPARK-15648: teradataDialect StringType data mapping1 msPassed
SPARK-15916: JDBC filter operator push down should respect operator precedence0.16 secPassed
SPARK-16387: Reserved SQL words are not escaped by JDBC writer40 msPassed
SPARK-16625: General data types to be mapped to Oracle8 msPassed
SPARK-16848: jdbc API throws an exception for user specified schema4 msPassed
SPARK-18141: Predicates on quoted column names in the jdbc data source1.2 secPassed
SPARK-18419: Fix `asConnectionProperties` to filter case-insensitively0.32 secPassed
SPARK-19318: Connection properties keys should be case-sensitive5 msPassed
SPARK-19318: jdbc data source options should be treated case-insensitive0.16 secPassed
SPARK-21519: option sessionInitStatement, run SQL to initialize the database session0.15 secPassed
SPARK-22814 support date/timestamp types in partitionColumn0.28 secPassed
SPARK-22880: Truncate table with CASCADE by jdbc dialect2 msPassed
SPARK-23856 Spark jdbc setQueryTimeout option5.8 secPassed
SPARK-24288: Enable preventing predicate pushdown0.33 secPassed
SPARK-24327 verify and normalize a partition column based on a JDBC resolved schema39 msPassed
SPARK-26499: Map TINYINT to ByteType via JdbcDialects64 msPassed
SPARK-28152 MsSqlServerDialect catalyst type mapping5 msPassed
SPARK-32364: JDBCOption constructor2 msPassed
SQL query as table name76 msPassed
compile filters10 msPassed
hide credentials in create and describe a persistent/temp table0.15 secPassed
jdbc API custom schema DDL-like strings0.3 secPassed
jdbc API support custom schema0.66 secPassed
jdbc data source shouldn't have unnecessary metadata in its schema23 msPassed
overflow of partition bound difference does not give negative stride40 msPassed
query JDBC option0.25 secPassed
query JDBC option - negative tests0.1 secPassed
quote column names by jdbc dialect13 msPassed
table exists query by jdbc dialect3 msPassed
test DATE types0.17 secPassed
test DATE types in cache0.12 secPassed
test credentials in the connection url are not in the plan output29 msPassed
test credentials in the properties are not in plan output28 msPassed
test types for null value45 msPassed
throws an exception for unsupported partition column types7 msPassed
truncate table query by jdbc dialect3 msPassed
unsupported types15 msPassed
where for Date and Timestamp64 msPassed