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41 tests (+6)
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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-30668: use legacy timestamp parser in to_timestamp0.18 secPassed
SPARK-30752: convert time zones on a daylight saving day0.15 secPassed
SPARK-30766: date_trunc of old timestamps to hours and days0.17 secPassed
SPARK-30793: truncate timestamps before the epoch to seconds and minutes0.34 secPassed
date comparison with date strings0.25 secPassed
date format0.46 secPassed
datediff0.8 secPassed
dayofmonth0.28 secPassed
dayofyear0.27 secPassed
from_unixtime1.3 secPassed
from_utc_timestamp with column zone0.24 secPassed
from_utc_timestamp with literal zone0.25 secPassed
function add_months0.37 secPassed
function current_date0.18 secPassed
function current_timestamp and now1.1 secPassed
function date_add1 secPassed
function date_sub1 secPassed
function date_trunc1.7 secPassed
function last_day0.29 secPassed
function months_between0.94 secPassed
function next_day0.31 secPassed
function to_date1.5 secPassed
function trunc0.35 secPassed
handling null field by date_part0.74 secPassed
hour0.26 secPassed
minute0.33 secPassed
month0.28 secPassed
quarter0.22 secPassed
second0.34 secPassed
time_add0.33 secPassed
time_sub0.22 secPassed
timestamp comparison with date strings1.2 secPassed
to_timestamp0.96 secPassed
to_timestamp with microseconds precision0.1 secPassed
to_unix_timestamp1.4 secPassed
to_utc_timestamp with column zone0.18 secPassed
to_utc_timestamp with literal zone0.3 secPassed
unix_timestamp3.4 secPassed
unsupported fmt fields for trunc/date_trunc results null0.79 secPassed
weekofyear0.22 secPassed
year0.18 secPassed