Test Result : JsonFunctionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
57 tests (+10)
Took 9.4 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-19637 Support to_json in SQL0.2 secPassed
SPARK-19967 Support from_json in SQL0.31 secPassed
SPARK-24027: from_json - map<string, int>0.11 secPassed
SPARK-24027: from_json - map<string, map<string, int>>0.12 secPassed
SPARK-24027: from_json - map<string, struct>0.12 secPassed
SPARK-24027: from_json - wrong map<string, int>80 msPassed
SPARK-24027: from_json of a map with unsupported key type0.21 secPassed
SPARK-24027: roundtrip - from_json -> to_json - map<string, string>78 msPassed
SPARK-24027: roundtrip - to_json -> from_json - map<string, string>97 msPassed
SPARK-24709: infers schemas of json strings and pass them to from_json9 msPassed
SPARK-31065: schema_of_json - 'dropFieldIfAllNull' option0.21 secPassed
SPARK-31065: schema_of_json - null and empty strings as strings0.14 secPassed
corrupt record column in the middle0.1 secPassed
from_json0.1 secPassed
from_json - array of arrays0.13 secPassed
from_json - array of arrays - malformed row0.11 secPassed
from_json - array of maps0.46 secPassed
from_json - array of maps - malformed row0.1 secPassed
from_json - array of primitive types0.11 secPassed
from_json - array of primitive types - malformed row0.24 secPassed
from_json - array of structs0.16 secPassed
from_json - array of structs - malformed row0.14 secPassed
from_json - json doesn't conform to the array type0.12 secPassed
from_json - timestamp in micros0.1 secPassed
from_json array support0.11 secPassed
from_json invalid json0.11 secPassed
from_json invalid json - check modes0.19 secPassed
from_json missing columns95 msPassed
from_json uses DDL strings for defining a schema - java0.1 secPassed
from_json uses DDL strings for defining a schema - scala75 msPassed
from_json with option0.11 secPassed
function get_json_object0.2 secPassed
function get_json_object - null0.14 secPassed
function get_json_object - support single quotes0.12 secPassed
infers schemas using options0.13 secPassed
json_tuple - do not truncate results0.34 secPassed
json_tuple filter and group0.47 secPassed
json_tuple select0.31 secPassed
optional datetime parser does not affect json time formatting0.11 secPassed
parse timestamps with locale0.36 secPassed
pretty print - roundtrip from_json -> to_json81 msPassed
roundtrip from_json -> to_json - array of arrays87 msPassed
roundtrip from_json -> to_json - array of maps79 msPassed
roundtrip from_json -> to_json - array of primitive types76 msPassed
roundtrip from_json -> to_json - array of structs82 msPassed
roundtrip in to_json and from_json - array0.29 secPassed
roundtrip in to_json and from_json - struct0.29 secPassed
roundtrip to_json -> from_json - array of primitive types86 msPassed
special date values0.19 secPassed
special timestamp values0.17 secPassed
to_json - array0.3 secPassed
to_json - array of primitive types98 msPassed
to_json - interval support0.29 secPassed
to_json - map0.26 secPassed
to_json - struct0.12 secPassed
to_json - timestamp in micros94 msPassed
to_json with option0.11 secPassed