Test Result : UDFSuite

0 failures (±0)
47 tests (+16)
Took 30 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Instant in UDF0.21 secPassed
LocalDate in UDF0.23 secPassed
SPARK-11716 UDFRegistration does not include the input data type in returned UDF1 secPassed
SPARK-19338 Provide identical names for UDFs in the EXPLAIN output0.1 secPassed
SPARK-23666 Do not display exprId in argument names0.17 secPassed
SPARK-24891 Fix HandleNullInputsForUDF rule0.33 secPassed
SPARK-24891 Fix HandleNullInputsForUDF rule - with table1.7 secPassed
SPARK-25044 Verify null input handling for primitive types - with udf()0.59 secPassed
SPARK-25044 Verify null input handling for primitive types - with udf(Any, DataType)1.7 secPassed
SPARK-26308: udf with complex types of decimal0.55 secPassed
SPARK-26308: udf with decimal0.3 secPassed
SPARK-26323 Verify input type check - with udf()0.34 secPassed
SPARK-28321 0-args Java UDF should not be called only once1.3 secPassed
SPARK-28521 error message for CAST(parameter types contains DataType)3 msPassed
SPARK-8003 spark_partition_id0.25 secPassed
SPARK-8005 input_file_name1.7 secPassed
Simple UDF0.12 secPassed
TwoArgument UDF96 msPassed
UDF defined using UserDefinedFunction91 msPassed
UDF in a GROUP BY0.46 secPassed
UDF in a HAVING0.77 secPassed
UDF in a WHERE0.25 secPassed
UDFs everywhere0.56 secPassed
ZeroArgument non-deterministic UDF0.61 secPassed
any and case class parameter0.38 secPassed
built-in expressions with multiple constructors0.26 secPassed
built-in fixed arity expressions39 msPassed
built-in vararg expressions55 msPassed
cached Data should be used in the write path0.97 secPassed
count19 msPassed
count distinct21 msPassed
error reporting for incorrect number of arguments - builtin function14 msPassed
error reporting for incorrect number of arguments - udf11 msPassed
error reporting for undefined functions10 msPassed
getSimpleName to avoid hitting Malformed class name0.59 secPassed
input case class parameter and return case class0.25 secPassed
multiple case class parameters0.36 secPassed
nested case class parameter0.52 secPassed
one case class with primitive parameter0.31 secPassed
only one case class parameter0.38 secPassed
register0.71 secPassed
register3.9 secPassed
struct UDF0.12 secPassed
type coercion for udf inputs0.1 secPassed
udf in different types7.1 secPassed
udf that is transformed0.17 secPassed
use untyped Scala UDF should fail by default4 msPassed