Test Result : GBTRegressorSuite

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Took 3 min 26 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Checkpointing5.7 secPassed
Feature importance with toy data0.66 secPassed
GBTRegressor behaves reasonably on toy data1.3 secPassed
Regression with continuous features54 secPassed
Tests of feature subset strategy3.5 secPassed
model evaluateEachIteration6.7 secPassed
model save/load25 secPassed
model support predict leaf index0.54 secPassed
prediction on single instance1.4 secPassed
runWithValidation stops early and performs better on a validation dataset30 secPassed
should support all NumericType labels and not support other types20 secPassed
training with sample weights52 secPassed
tree params2.9 secPassed