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Test nameDurationStatus
Add an option to ignore block locations when listing file16 msPassed
InMemoryFileIndex - file filtering0 msPassed
InMemoryFileIndex with empty rootPaths when PARALLEL_PARTITION_DISCOVERY_THRESHOLDis a nonpositive number4 msPassed
InMemoryFileIndex: input paths are converted to qualified paths13 msPassed
InMemoryFileIndex: leaf files are qualified paths55 msPassed
InMemoryFileIndex: root folders that don't exist don't throw exceptions8 msPassed
PartitioningAwareFileIndex listing parallelized with large child dirs0.36 secPassed
PartitioningAwareFileIndex listing parallelized with large, deeply nested child dirs1.5 secPassed
PartitioningAwareFileIndex listing parallelized with many top level dirs0.32 secPassed
SPARK-17613 - PartitioningAwareFileIndex: base path w/o '/' at end6 msPassed
SPARK-20280 - FileStatusCache with a partition with very many files8 msPassed
SPARK-20367 - properly unescape column names in inferPartitioning0.35 secPassed
SPARK-25062 - InMemoryFileIndex stores BlockLocation objects no matter what subclass the FS returns13 msPassed
SPARK-26188: don't infer data types of partition columns if user specifies schema11 msPassed
SPARK-26230: if case sensitive, validate partitions with original column names14 msPassed
SPARK-26263: Throw exception when partition value can't be casted to user-specified type17 msPassed
SPARK-26990: use user specified field names if possible24 msPassed
SPARK-27676: InMemoryFileIndex respects ignoreMissingFiles config for non-root paths0.65 secPassed
SPARK-29537: throw exception when user defined a wrong base path9 msPassed
SPARK-31047 - Improve file listing for ViewFileSystem0.59 secPassed
refresh for InMemoryFileIndex with FileStatusCache18 msPassed