Test Result : HiveResolutionSuite

0 failures (±0) , 1 skipped (±0)
15 tests (±0)
Took 6 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-3698: case insensitive test for nested data74 msPassed
SPARK-5278: check ambiguous reference to fields62 msPassed
attr0.42 secPassed
attr0.6 secPassed
attr0.53 secPassed
attr0.43 secPassed
attr0.45 secPassed
attr0.46 secPassed
attr case insensitive0.49 secPassed
case insensitivity with scala reflection0.11 secPassed
case insensitivity with scala reflection joins-1 msSkipped
nested repeated resolution82 msPassed
star0.42 secPassed
table0.58 secPassed
test ambiguousReferences resolved as hive1.3 secPassed