Test Result : SQLQuerySuiteAE

0 failures (±0) , 3 skipped (±0)
113 tests (±0)
Took 3 min 29 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Auto alias construction of get_json_object83 msPassed
CTAS with WITH clause1 secPassed
CTAS with default fileformat0.77 secPassed
CTAS with serde5.9 secPassed
CTAS without serde with location4 secPassed
CTAS without serde without location4.8 secPassed
Call add jar in a different thread (SPARK-8306)14 msPassed
Cast STRING to BIGINT91 msPassed
Insert overwrite with partition2.3 secPassed
Project should not be resolved if it contains aggregates or generators0.88 secPassed
SPARK-10310: script transformation using LazySimpleSerDe-1 msSkipped
SPARK-10310: script transformation using default input/output SerDe and record reader/writer-1 msSkipped
SPARK-10562: partition by column with mixed case name-1 msSkipped
SPARK-10593 same column names in lateral view0.15 secPassed
SPARK-10741: Sort on Aggregate using parquet2 secPassed
SPARK-11453: append data to partitioned table3 secPassed
SPARK-11590: use native json_tuple in lateral view0.49 secPassed
SPARK-13651: generator outputs shouldn't be resolved from its child's output0.42 secPassed
SPARK-14981: DESC not supported for sorting columns9 msPassed
SPARK-15752 optimize metadata only query for hive table14 secPassed
SPARK-17108: Fix BIGINT and INT comparison failure in spark sql0.53 secPassed
SPARK-17354: Partitioning by dates/timestamps works with Parquet vectorized reader1.1 secPassed
SPARK-17409: Do Not Optimize Query in CTAS (Hive Serde Table) More Than Once0.89 secPassed
SPARK-17796 Support wildcard '?'char in middle as part of local file path0.8 secPassed
SPARK-17796 Support wildcard '?'char in start as part of local file path0.54 secPassed
SPARK-17796 Support wildcard character in filename for LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH0.8 secPassed
SPARK-18355 Read data from a hive table with a new column - orc12 secPassed
SPARK-18355 Read data from a hive table with a new column - parquet14 secPassed
SPARK-19292: filter with partition columns should be case-insensitive on Hive tables1.8 secPassed
SPARK-19912 String literals should be escaped for Hive metastore partition pruning1.4 secPassed
SPARK-21101 UDTF should override initialize(ObjectInspector[] args)0.2 secPassed
SPARK-21721: Clear FileSystem deleterOnExit cache if path is successfully removed5.6 secPassed
SPARK-21912 ORC/Parquet table should not create invalid column names5.2 secPassed
SPARK-23425 Test LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH with space in file name0.57 secPassed
SPARK-24085 scalar subquery in partitioning expression12 secPassed
SPARK-25158: Executor accidentally exit because ScriptTransformationWriterThread throw Exception0.18 secPassed
SPARK-25271: Hive ctas commands should use data source if it is convertible7.8 secPassed
SPARK-2554 SumDistinct partial aggregation1.2 secPassed
SPARK-25738: defaultFs can have a port0 msPassed
SPARK-26181 hasMinMaxStats method of ColumnStatsMap is not correct1.3 secPassed
SPARK-26709: OptimizeMetadataOnlyQuery does not handle empty records correctly2.4 secPassed
SPARK-28084 check for case insensitive property of partition column name in load command0.78 secPassed
SPARK-29295: dynamic insert overwrite external partition should not have old data16 secPassed
SPARK-29295: insert overwrite external partition should not have old data4.2 secPassed
SPARK-31522: hive metastore related configurations should be static27 msPassed
SPARK-3708 Backticks aren't handled correctly is aliases0.26 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise & operator0.25 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise ^ operator0.31 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise | operator0.24 secPassed
SPARK-3814 Support Bitwise ~ operator0.26 secPassed
SPARK-3834 Backticks not correctly handled in subquery aliases0.26 secPassed
SPARK-4154 Query does not work if it has 'not between' in Spark SQL and HQL0.54 secPassed
SPARK-4296 Grouping field with Hive UDF as sub expression0.7 secPassed
SPARK-4512 Fix attribute reference resolution error when using SORT BY0.54 secPassed
SPARK-4699 SparkSession with Hive Support should be case insensitive by default0.45 secPassed
SPARK-4825 save join to table3.1 secPassed
SPARK-4963 DataFrame sample on mutable row return wrong result1.8 secPassed
SPARK-5203 union with different decimal precision25 msPassed
SPARK-5284 Insert into Hive throws NPE when a inner complex type field has a null value0.88 secPassed
SPARK-5371: union with null and sum0.36 secPassed
SPARK-6785: HiveQuerySuite - Date cast0.37 secPassed
SPARK-6785: HiveQuerySuite - Date comparison test 20.26 secPassed
SPARK-6835: udtf in lateral view0.15 secPassed
SPARK-6851: Self-joined converted parquet tables2.3 secPassed
SPARK-7269 Check analysis failed in case in-sensitive1.1 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for CUBE #11.2 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for CUBE #21.1 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for GroupingSet1 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for Rollup #11.2 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for Rollup #21.2 secPassed
SPARK-8976 Wrong Result for Rollup #31.2 secPassed
SPARK-9371: fix the support for special chars in column names for hive context0.21 secPassed
Sorting columns are not in Generate0.91 secPassed
Star Expansion - script transform6.8 secPassed
Support wildcard character in folderlevel for LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH0.73 secPassed
TGF with non-TGF in projection0.21 secPassed
column resolution scenarios with hive table0.84 secPassed
command substitution0.72 secPassed
describe functions - built-in functions0.13 secPassed
describe functions - temporary user defined functions0.3 secPassed
describe functions - user defined functions0.48 secPassed
double nested data1 secPassed
dynamic partition value test3.2 secPassed
explode nested Field0.37 secPassed
inConversion fires too early0.16 secPassed
insert into datasource table0.67 secPassed
multi-insert with lateral view2.5 secPassed
non-existent global temp view5 msPassed
ordering not in agg0.88 secPassed
ordering not in select0.61 secPassed
partition pruning should handle date correctly1.6 secPassed
q1.6 secPassed
q1.8 secPassed
query global temp view95 msPassed
resolve udtf in projection #150 msPassed
resolve udtf in projection #20.41 secPassed
run sql directly on files - csv1.3 secPassed
run sql directly on files - hive0.32 secPassed
run sql directly on files - json1 secPassed
run sql directly on files - orc0.7 secPassed
run sql directly on files - parquet0.88 secPassed
sanity test for SPARK-66182.4 secPassed
script0.41 secPassed
select partitioned table2.7 secPassed
show functions0.62 secPassed
spark-15557 promote string test1.6 secPassed
specifying database name for a temporary view is not allowed0.57 secPassed
specifying the column list for CTAS1 secPassed
test CTAS1 secPassed
test case key when0.18 secPassed
test script transform data type0.31 secPassed
test script transform for stderr6.2 secPassed
test script transform for stdout6 secPassed