Test Result : StatisticsSuite

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48 tests (±0)
Took 2 min 36 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Analyze hive serde tables when schema is not same as schema in table properties1.3 secPassed
Deals with wrong Hive's statistics (zero rowCount)0.18 secPassed
Hive serde table with incorrect statistics0.81 secPassed
Hive serde tables should fallback to HDFS for size estimation0.31 secPassed
SPARK-18856: non-empty partitioned table should not report zero size19 secPassed
SPARK-21079 - analyze partitioned table with only a subset of partitions visible2.9 secPassed
SPARK-21079 - analyze table with location different than that of individual partitions4.1 secPassed
SPARK-22745 - read Hive's statistics for partition6.2 secPassed
SPARK-24626 parallel file listing in Stats computation4.4 secPassed
SPARK-28518 fix getDataSize refer to ChecksumFileSystem#isChecksumFile0.51 secPassed
SPARK-30269 failed to update partition stats if it's equal to table's old stats4.5 secPassed
add/drop partitions - managed table3.6 secPassed
alter table SET TBLPROPERTIES after analyze table4.9 secPassed
alter table UNSET TBLPROPERTIES after analyze table4.7 secPassed
alter table rename after analyze table8.1 secPassed
alter table should not have the side effect to store statistics in Spark side1.7 secPassed
analyze Hive serde tables6 secPassed
analyze a set of partitions7.9 secPassed
analyze all partitions4.5 secPassed
analyze column command paramaters validation1 msPassed
analyze non hive compatible datasource tables2.2 secPassed
analyze non-existent partition0.9 secPassed
analyze partial partition specifications4.2 secPassed
analyze partitions case sensitivity1.5 secPassed
analyze partitions for an empty table0.49 secPassed
analyze single partition9.8 secPassed
auto converts to broadcast hash join, by size estimate of a relation0.71 secPassed
auto converts to broadcast left semi join, by size estimate of a relation0.54 secPassed
change stats after add/drop partition command10 secPassed
change stats after insert command for hive table2.2 secPassed
change stats after load data command1.9 secPassed
collecting statistics for all columns2 secPassed
conversion from CatalogStatistics to Statistics3.4 secPassed
enabled is enabled1.8 secPassed
estimates the size of a test Hive serde tables38 msPassed
fallBackToHdfs should not support Hive partitioned table1.9 secPassed
get statistics when not analyzed in Hive or Spark0.91 secPassed
keep existing column stats if table is not changed3.4 secPassed
keep existing row count in stats with noscan if table is not changed0.78 secPassed
serialization and deserialization of histograms to/from hive metastore2.3 secPassed
size estimation for relations is based on row size * number of rows3.3 secPassed
test refreshing table stats of cached data source table by `ANALYZE TABLE` statement1 secPassed
test statistics of LogicalRelation converted from Hive serde tables3.8 secPassed
test table-level statistics for data source table created in HiveExternalCatalog1.2 secPassed
test table-level statistics for hive tables created in HiveExternalCatalog0.81 secPassed
test table-level statistics for partitioned data source table2.5 secPassed
verify column stats can be deserialized from tblproperties0.6 secPassed
verify serialized column stats after analyzing columns4.1 secPassed