Test Result : ParquetV2PartitionDiscoverySuite

0 failures (±0)
29 tests (±0)
Took 29 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Parallel partition discovery0.84 secPassed
Resolve type conflicts - decimals, dates and timestamps in partition column1.2 secPassed
SPARK-11678: Partition discovery stops at the root path of the dataset1 secPassed
SPARK-15895 summary files in non-leaf partition directories0.66 secPassed
SPARK-18108 Parquet reader fails when data column types conflict with partition ones0.55 secPassed
SPARK-21463: MetadataLogFileIndex should respect userSpecifiedSchema for partition cols0.65 secPassed
SPARK-22109: Resolve type conflicts between strings and timestamps in partition column0.56 secPassed
SPARK-23436: invalid Dates should be inferred as String in partition inference0.66 secPassed
SPARK-7749 Non-partitioned table should have empty partition spec0.34 secPassed
SPARK-7847: Dynamic partition directory path escaping and unescaping1.1 secPassed
SPARK-8037: Ignores files whose name starts with dot0.8 secPassed
Various inferred partition value types1.5 secPassed
Various partition value types3.4 secPassed
_SUCCESS should not break partitioning discovery1.4 secPassed
column type inference4 msPassed
listConflictingPartitionColumns0 msPassed
parse invalid partitioned directories78 msPassed
parse partition2 msPassed
parse partition with base paths0 msPassed
parse partitions9 msPassed
parse partitions with type inference disabled6 msPassed
read partitioned table - merging compatible schemas1 secPassed
read partitioned table - normal case2.7 secPassed
read partitioned table - partition key included in Parquet file1.9 secPassed
read partitioned table - with nulls2 secPassed
read partitioned table - with nulls and partition keys are included in Parquet file1.3 secPassed
read partitioned table using different path options1.3 secPassed
use basePath and file globbing to selectively load partitioned table2.8 secPassed
use basePath to specify the root dir of a partitioned table0.64 secPassed