Test Result : UtilsSuite

0 failures (±0)
48 tests (±0)
Took 7.2 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Kill process5 secPassed
Set Spark CallerContext0 msPassed
Test byteString conversion4 msPassed
bytesToString1 msPassed
check Kubernetes master URL2 msPassed
chi square test of randomizeInPlace9 msPassed
circular buffer: data written == size of the buffer1 msPassed
circular buffer: if nothing was written to the buffer, display nothing0 msPassed
circular buffer: if the buffer isn't full, print only the contents written0 msPassed
circular buffer: multiple overflow0 msPassed
copyStream1 msPassed
copyStreamUpTo10 msPassed
decodeFileNameInURI1 msPassed
deleteRecursively22 msPassed
deserialize long value0 msPassed
doesDirectoryContainFilesNewerThan6 msPassed
encodeFileNameToURIRawPath0 msPassed
fetch hcfs dir21 msPassed
get iterator size2 msPassed
getDynamicAllocationInitialExecutors0 msPassed
getIteratorZipWithIndex1 msPassed
isBindCollision2 msPassed
isDynamicAllocationEnabled1 msPassed
isInDirectory2 msPassed
load extensions6 msPassed
loading properties from file6 msPassed
log4j log level change0 msPassed
memoryStringToMb1 msPassed
nonLocalPaths1 msPassed
reading offset bytes across multiple files9 msPassed
reading offset bytes across multiple files (compressed)15 msPassed
reading offset bytes of a file11 msPassed
reading offset bytes of a file (compressed)7 msPassed
redact sensitive information2 msPassed
redact sensitive information in command line args4 msPassed
redact sensitive information in sequence of key value pairs1 msPassed
resolveURI0 msPassed
resolveURIs with multiple paths1 msPassed
shutdown hook manager5 msPassed
splitCommandString1 msPassed
string formatting of time durations2 msPassed
stringHalfWidth1 msPassed
timeConversion3 msPassed
timeIt with prepare2 secPassed
trimExceptCRLF standalone3 msPassed
tryWithSafeFinally4 msPassed
tryWithSafeFinallyAndFailureCallbacks8 msPassed
writeByteBuffer should not change ByteBuffer position0 msPassed