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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-20341: support BigInt's value does not fit in long value range1 msPassed
SPARK-26038: toScalaBigInt/toJavaBigInteger0 msPassed
SPARK-30252: Negative scale is not allowed by default2 msPassed
accurate precision after multiplication0 msPassed
arithmetic1 msPassed
changePrecision/toPrecision on compact decimal should respect rounding mode5 msPassed
creating decimals2 msPassed
creating decimals with negative scale under legacy mode1 msPassed
double and long values1 msPassed
equals1 msPassed
fix loss of precision/scale when doing division operation0 msPassed
fix non-terminating decimal expansion problem1 msPassed
hash code1 msPassed
isZero0 msPassed
set/setOrNull1 msPassed
small decimals represented as unscaled long7 msPassed