Test Result : ALSSuite

0 failures (±0)
30 tests (±0)
Took 2 min 54 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
ALS cold start user/item prediction strategy4.9 secPassed
ALS should not introduce unnecessary shuffle0.91 secPassed
CheckedCast0.6 secPassed
CholeskySolver1 msPassed
LocalIndexEncoder3 msPassed
RatingBlockBuilder1 msPassed
SPARK-18268: ALS with empty RDD should fail with better message0.1 secPassed
UncompressedInBlock24 msPassed
als partitioner is a projection4 msPassed
als with large number of iterations11 secPassed
approximate rank-1 matrix6.3 secPassed
approximate rank-2 matrix9.6 secPassed
case insensitive cold start param value12 secPassed
different block settings11 secPassed
exact rank-1 matrix6.2 secPassed
implicit feedback4.3 secPassed
implicit feedback regression3.7 secPassed
input type validation1 min 15 secPassed
more blocks than ratings3 secPassed
nonnegative constraint1.3 secPassed
normal equation construction2 msPassed
partitioner in returned factors0.82 secPassed
read/write1.8 secPassed
recommendForAllItems with k <, = and > num_users3.1 secPassed
recommendForAllUsers with k <, = and > num_items3.4 secPassed
recommendForItemSubset with k <, = and > num_users2.7 secPassed
recommendForUserSubset with k <, = and > num_items3.2 secPassed
subset recommendations eliminate duplicate ids, returns same results as unique ids2.4 secPassed
subset recommendations on full input dataset equivalent to recommendForAll2.6 secPassed
using generic ID types2.3 secPassed