Test Result : WholeStageCodegenSuite

0 failures (±0) , 3 skipped (±0)
24 tests (±0)
Took 5.4 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Aggregate should be included in WholeStageCodegen80 msPassed
Aggregate with grouping keys should be included in WholeStageCodegen0.55 secPassed
BroadcastHashJoin should be included in WholeStageCodegen0.13 secPassed
Control splitting consume function by operators with config22 msPassed
Give up splitting aggregate code if a parameter length goes over the limit64 msPassed
Give up splitting subexpression code if a parameter length goes over the limit90 msPassed
MapElements should be included in WholeStageCodegen0.1 secPassed
SPARK-19512 codegen for comparing structs is incorrect0.19 secPassed
SPARK-21441 SortMergeJoin codegen with CodegenFallback expressions should be disabled0.31 secPassed
SPARK-21871 check if we can get large code size when compiling too long functions-1 msSkipped
SPARK-23598: Codegen working for lots of aggregation operations without runtime errors-1 msSkipped
SPARK-25767: Lazy evaluated stream of expressions handled correctly0.22 secPassed
SPARK-26572: evaluate non-deterministic expressions for aggregate results0.97 secPassed
SPARK-26680: Stream in groupBy does not cause StackOverflowError0.37 secPassed
SPARK-28520: WholeStageCodegen does not work properly for LocalTableScanExec30 msPassed
Skip splitting consume function when parameter number exceeds JVM limit0.97 secPassed
Sort should be included in WholeStageCodegen0.13 secPassed
back-to-back typed filter should be included in WholeStageCodegen63 msPassed
bytecode of batch file scan exceeds the limit of WHOLESTAGE_HUGE_METHOD_LIMIT-1 msSkipped
cache for primitive type should be in WholeStageCodegen with InMemoryTableScanExec0.33 secPassed
codegen stage IDs should be preserved in transformations after CollapseCodegenStages0.62 secPassed
including codegen stage ID in generated class name should not regress codegen caching37 msPassed
range/filter should be combined79 msPassed
typed filter should be included in WholeStageCodegen56 msPassed