Test Result : MetastoreDataSourcesSuite

0 failures (±0)
45 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 1 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
CTAS0.99 secPassed
CTAS a managed table1.1 secPassed
CTAS with IF NOT EXISTS0.98 secPassed
CTAS: persisted bucketed data source table1.2 secPassed
CTAS: persisted partitioned bucketed data source table0.9 secPassed
CTAS: persisted partitioned data source table0.98 secPassed
Infer schema for Hive serde tables2 secPassed
Pre insert nullability check (ArrayType)1.7 secPassed
Pre insert nullability check (MapType)1.8 secPassed
SPARK-15025: create datasource table with path with select0.85 secPassed
SPARK-15269 external data source table creation0.94 secPassed
SPARK-5839 HiveMetastoreCatalog does not recognize table aliases of data source tables1.1 secPassed
SPARK-6024 wide schema support1.3 secPassed
SPARK-8156:create table to specific database by 'use dbname'0.72 secPassed
Saving information for sortBy and bucketBy columns0.94 secPassed
Saving partitionBy columns information2.3 secPassed
append a table using the same formats but different names2.8 secPassed
append a table with file source V2 provider using the v1 file format1.9 secPassed
append a table with v1 file format provider using file source V2 format2.2 secPassed
append table using different formats1.3 secPassed
check change without refresh1.3 secPassed
create a temp view using hive11 msPassed
create external table2.6 secPassed
drop table0.56 secPassed
drop, change, recreate1.2 secPassed
insert into a table10 secPassed
insertInto - source and target are the same table1.9 secPassed
invalidate cache and reload0.69 secPassed
path required error28 msPassed
persistent JSON table0.73 secPassed
persistent JSON table with a user specified schema0.63 secPassed
persistent JSON table with a user specified schema with a subset of fields0.57 secPassed
read table with corrupted schema0.1 secPassed
resolve shortened provider names0.54 secPassed
save table5.1 secPassed
saveAsTable - source and target are the same table1.1 secPassed
saveAsTable(CTAS) using append and insertInto when the target table is Hive serde1.4 secPassed
saveAsTable[append]: less columns0.59 secPassed
saveAsTable[append]: mismatch column names0.53 secPassed
saveAsTable[append]: the column order doesn't matter1 secPassed
saveAsTable[append]: too many columns0.49 secPassed
scan a parquet table created through a CTAS statement0.61 secPassed
schema0.16 secPassed
should keep data source entries in table properties when debug mode is on0.1 secPassed
skip hive metadata on table creation0.12 secPassed