Test Result : DataFrameNaFunctionsSuite

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Took 5.6 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-29890: duplicate names are allowed for fill() if column names are not specified0.43 secPassed
SPARK-30065: duplicate names are allowed for drop() if column names are not specified0.31 secPassed
drop0.51 secPassed
drop with col(*)11 msPassed
drop with how0.4 secPassed
drop with nested columns0.19 secPassed
drop with threshold0.19 secPassed
fill1.2 secPassed
fill ambiguous field for join operation21 msPassed
fill unambiguous field for join operation0.3 secPassed
fill with col(*)0.1 secPassed
fill with map0.4 secPassed
fill with nested columns0.14 secPassed
replace0.2 secPassed
replace double with nan0.13 secPassed
replace float with nan0.14 secPassed
replace nan with double0.13 secPassed
replace nan with float0.17 secPassed
replace with null0.51 secPassed