Test Result : DataFrameWindowFunctionsSuite

0 failures (±0)
30 tests (±0)
Took 12 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
0 in window partition keys1.5 secPassed
SPARK-12989 ExtractWindowExpressions treats alias as regular attribute0.32 secPassed
SPARK-16195 empty over spec0.62 secPassed
SPARK-21258: complex object in combination with spilling0.39 secPassed
SPARK-24575: Window functions inside WHERE and HAVING clauses60 msPassed
Window spill with less than the inMemoryThreshold0.28 secPassed
Window spill with more than the inMemoryThreshold and spillThreshold0.19 secPassed
Window spill with more than the inMemoryThreshold but less than the spillThreshold0.24 secPassed
aggregation and range between with unbounded + predicate pushdown0.45 secPassed
aggregation and rows between with unbounded + predicate pushdown0.34 secPassed
aggregation function on invalid column13 msPassed
collect_list in ascending ordered window0.35 secPassed
collect_list in descending ordered window0.28 secPassed
collect_set in window0.26 secPassed
corr, covar_pop, stddev_pop functions in specific window0.5 secPassed
covar_samp, var_samp (variance), stddev_samp (stddev) functions in specific window0.44 secPassed
last/first on descending ordered window0.32 secPassed
last/first with ignoreNulls0.4 secPassed
null inputs0.18 secPassed
numerical aggregate functions on string column0.49 secPassed
rank functions in unspecific window0.45 secPassed
reuse window orderBy0.35 secPassed
reuse window partitionBy0.4 secPassed
skewness and kurtosis functions in window0.47 secPassed
statistical functions0.44 secPassed
window function should fail if order by clause is not specified12 msPassed
window function with aggregates0.45 secPassed
window function with aggregator0.4 secPassed
window function with udaf0.44 secPassed
window functions in multiple selects0.99 secPassed