Test Result : SingleLevelAggregateHashMapSuite

0 failures (±0)
53 tests (±0)
Took 57 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
0 in grouping expressions2.5 secPassed
SPARK-14664: Decimal sum/avg over window should work0.36 secPassed
SPARK-17124 agg should be ordering preserving0.3 secPassed
SPARK-17237 remove backticks in a pivot result schema0.85 secPassed
SPARK-17616: distinct aggregate combined with a non-partial aggregate0.38 secPassed
SPARK-17641: collect functions should not collect null values0.45 secPassed
SPARK-18004 limit + aggregates0.32 secPassed
SPARK-18952: regexes fail codegen when used as keys due to bad forward-slash escapes0.35 secPassed
SPARK-19471: AggregationIterator does not initialize the generated result projection before using it4.3 secPassed
SPARK-21580 ints in aggregation expressions are taken as group-by ordinal2.1 secPassed
SPARK-21896: Window functions inside aggregate functions1.1 secPassed
SPARK-21980: References in grouping functions should be indexed with semanticEquals0.42 secPassed
SPARK-22223: ObjectHashAggregate should not introduce unnecessary shuffle72 msPassed
SPARK-22951: dropDuplicates on empty dataFrames should produce correct aggregate (whole-stage-codegen off)0.8 secPassed
SPARK-22951: dropDuplicates on empty dataFrames should produce correct aggregate (whole-stage-codegen on)0.38 secPassed
SPARK-27581: DataFrame countDistinct("*") shouldn't fail with AnalysisException1.3 secPassed
SPARK-31500: collect_set() of BinaryType returns duplicate elements0.33 secPassed
SPARK-31620: agg with subquery (whole-stage-codegen = false)3.9 secPassed
SPARK-31620: agg with subquery (whole-stage-codegen = true)3.2 secPassed
SQL decimal test (used for catching certain decimal handling bugs in aggregates)0.42 secPassed
agg without groups0.16 secPassed
agg without groups and functions0.3 secPassed
aggregate function in GROUP BY20 msPassed
average3.4 secPassed
collect functions1 secPassed
collect functions should be able to cast to array type with no null values0.29 secPassed
collect functions structs0.4 secPassed
collect_set functions cannot have maps19 msPassed
count1 secPassed
count_if2.2 secPassed
cube0.79 secPassed
cube overlapping columns0.9 secPassed
groupBy3.7 secPassed
grouping and grouping_id0.94 secPassed
grouping/grouping_id inside window function0.8 secPassed
max_by1.5 secPassed
min_by1.5 secPassed
moments0.36 secPassed
multiple column distinct count2.3 secPassed
null average2 secPassed
null count2.2 secPassed
null moments0.79 secPassed
retainGroupColumns config0.89 secPassed
rollup0.47 secPassed
rollup overlapping columns1 secPassed
stddev0.3 secPassed
toString with unresolved exprs should not fail1 msPassed
zero average0.73 secPassed
zero count0.19 secPassed
zero moments1.1 secPassed
zero stddev0.83 secPassed
zero sum0.1 secPassed
zero sum distinct0.15 secPassed